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R194 – Forced to be the Company Sex Slave

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

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[F/M+, oral, vaginal, anal, after sex cleanup, black hair, blue eyes, blackmail, corset, cuckold, creampie, degradation, fingering, group sex, humiliation, impregnation, lingerie, panties, stockings and heels]

I’m a pretty girl from Eastern Europe. You business partner is my new husband, and he takes really good care of me; he showers me with nonstop sex, pretty dresses, parties, and the promise of a baby in my womb. But all that stops when you blackmail him. Now he’ll have to give up everything, including my fertile, young pussy, to avoid going to prison.

I belong to the company now. You take me back to the cigar room and break me in while the rest of the partners watch. You cum down my throat, slip a finger up my tight, virgin asshole and then cream my dripping pussy. My slutty body belongs to you and the rest of the partners now. I’m your new sex slave, and I fuck for your pleasure.

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R194 – Forced to be the Company Sex Slave

I met my husband at a strip club in Prague. I looked like such a slut on that stage, presenting my firm, large tits and my tight young ass to all the men. After my show, you tried to buy my mouth around your big cock. But your business partner asked me to marry him. Guess who won?We’re in the States now. I have my imigration visa and I’m on the path to citizenship. I send money home to my family and I am very well taken care of. My husband buys me the finest dresses and jewels, and we’re constantly fucking. Already he wants to put a baby inside of me. Every night he cums in my young, fertile womb; it’s only a matter of time before I’m pregnant with his child.

R185 – Anna: Lesbian Loves to Cheat & Get Creamed

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

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[M/F, F/F, oral, vaginal, anal, lesbian, cheating, lesbian cuckold, creampie, begging, cum play, risky sex, unprotected sex, impregnation]

I’ve been with my girlfriend for four years now, and I love her so much. But secretly, I still need men. There’s just something about a cock, squirting thick goo, that gets me off. Okay, I’m lying. It’s not “something.” It’s very specific; it’s the thought of thick, gooey cum deep inside of my pussy.

I’ve cheated a number of times now. At first, it was with protection, but once I got my first creampie (in my butt), I demanded that guys fuck me bare. The feeling of thick, boy cream, dripping out of my body, gets me off so hard.

But I’m like with a girl, so it’s not like I’m on birth control or anything. I don’t want to have a baby, but the thought that it could happen…makes the sex even edgier! I make the guys promise to pull out of before they cum; but secret, I squeeze and suck them with my pussy, trying to get them to blow their loads up inside of me. And even when they do squirt their cum all over my ass and the outside of my pussy…sometimes I like to rub their cum into my unprotected, little hole while I touch my clit. It’s just too hot!

But when my period comes late one month, I have to tell my girlfriend what I’ve been up to. I wonder how that’s going to go!

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Anna: Lesbian Loves to Cheat & Get Creamed!

I’ve been with my girlfriend for…almost four years now. We met just before my eighteenth birthday. I love her, and I really like what we do together, but…I haven’t always been faithful. Even though I do like other girls, I have this…secret need, to still be with men. There’s just something about…a cock, I guess…that I just can’t do without.

R180 – Zoey: Putting My Pussy in the Poker Pot

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

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[M+/f, oral, vaginal , anal, fingering, gangbang, groping, humiliation, verbal degradation, restrained, reluctant, teens, drunk]

I’m not normally allowed to come out on poker nights. When Daddy has you guys over–when you’re all drinking–he says it’s best if I’m not around; guys are guys, and I’m a really cute, teen girl. He just wants to keep me safe. After all, you guys are kind of pervy when you get drunk.

But you clean out Daddy early tonight, and he’s passes out on the couch. I sneak out of my bedroom in a slutty, red dress. You guys are excited to see me. It’s shy and uncomfortable at first, the way you guys try to touch and play with my young body. But after I have my first drink, I start to open up and have some fun. I mean, if I didn’t want to be played with, I would have stayed in my bedroom, right?

Guys pass me from lap to lap, as they push my boundaries. Little tickles and cuddles, turn into heavy petting and groping. Before I know it, there are fingers touching my panties, sliding up into my pussy, and probing against my asshole.

I drink more and more, and then you guys ask me if I want to buy my way into the game. “But, I don’t have money,” I say, with a cute giggle. That’s okay, I can earn my chips. I give one guy a handjob, and then after he creams my fingers, I lick and eat his cum up for extra chips. When I lose those, I have to sell my wet panties to stay in the game. Once those chips are gone, I give a really drunk guy a blowjob to earn some more. The game’s almost over, when I go out again. If I want to stay in to the end, I’m going to have to put my fertile, teen pussy into the pot. You end up winning, and your buddies have to hold me down, bent over the table, so I can pay up!

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R169 – Anna: Slutty Teen Girlfriend Gets Used & Impregnated

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

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[m+/f, oral, vaginal, anal, fingering, gangbang, teens, humiliation, degradation, 1st time, forced sex, slutty girlfriend, swallowing cum, creampie, accidental pregnancy, sad]

You’re my first boyfriend ever, and you’re not very nice at all. You pretty much pushed me into having sex with you, and from the start it was clear that you were just using me. But I really liked you, so I let you have your way with me.

At school, you started to kiss and grope me in front of everyone else. I was shy and reluctant, and my girlfriends told me that I shouldn’t let you treat me like you do, but I still let you do it. Then you started making me suck your cock at lunch time, sometimes even in front of your friends. I’d have to suck and swallow your cum while they said all sorts of nasty things about me. Word spread, and I ended up with a really dirty, slutty reputation at school.

It wasn’t long before you started to fuck me in front of the other guys. I’d come over to your place, after school, and you’d make strip down to my bra and panties in front of them. Every time you got hard, I’d have to suck or fuck you until you came inside of me. And when one of your buddies asked for a turn in my mouth, you said yes!

Guys started to gangbang me every day after school. I didn’t even know half of them, but they took turns fucking my mouth and pussy, until I was dripping with fresh cream. You pretty much stopped fucking me at that point, telling me I was too dirty to put your cock into. You even made me bring my little sister over to your place, so she could watch the boys use me.

Finally, nature intervened. My belly started to swell, and I came to you to tell you that I had a baby inside my teen body. You kissed me, telling me that you’d make everything better. Then you pulled my panties down. I thought we were finally going to make love, but it turns out you just wanted the last of my innocence. I sobbed and cried as you fucked my tight, little ass for the first time ever. And after you came in my butt, you kicked me out of your house and broke up with me.

R168 – Jenny: Fucking your Drugged Babysitter

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

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[m/f, vaginal, fingering, creampie, unprotected sex, 1st time male, babysitter, drugged, reluctant, panties, teens]

I’m your babysitter, and you have a big crush on me! Every night, when you jack off, you rub your young, teen cock thinking about me. My long, brown hair and honey eyes. My big tits, and tight little ass. And even though you’ve never seen it, you fantasize about my tight, pink pussy sinking down around you. You want me, bad, but it doesn’t seem like I’m interested in playing with a younger guy.

That when you get the idea to drug me. You mix your Dad’s sex pills and your Mom’s sleeping medicine together, and then fold it into yummy, strawberry ice cream. When we snuggle up on the couch, you ask me if I want some dessert. I make pretty noises as I eat the pink, sweet goo. You imagine that I’m swallowing your sticky, teen cum instead, and you almost blow your load right there. It’s hard, being patient, but you wait until I start to get drowsy.

Then you touch and fondle me, on the couch. Squeezing my butt, and then putting your hand into my panties. It’s the first pussy you’ve ever felt, and my shaved, velvety pink folds are even better than you imagined. The moment you push your finger into me, you cum all over my ass. But you’re young, and when you’re hot, you can easily get off five or six times in a night. So you’re definitely not done with me.

Turning me onto my back, you finger fuck my little body hard, until I start to rub myself in my hot, half-sleep. The sight of my fingers, on my clit, and your hand pumping in and out of my little, pink hole, gets you off a second time. You squirt creamy goo all over my fingers as I rub my clit. Finally, you pull my top up, smother your face in my tits, and stick your messy cock up inside of my pussy. You ride me until your bare cock cums up inside of my pink, unprotected body.  I look so pretty, on the couch, with your teen boy goo dripping from my fucked pussy.

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R163 – Amanda & Jenny: Birthday Princess

Friday, May 4th, 2012

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[M/f x 2, f/f, oral, vaginal, fingering, sex toys, lesbian, bisexual girls, facial, impregnation]

You’re supposed to take me and Jenny out to dinner for my birthday, but you never show up! At the bus stop, I have to drag Jenny away from horny boys just so we can start walking to your place. It’s a long walk, and an older guy offers us a ride. By the time he drops us off in front of your house, Jenny has a mouth full of fresh cum, and I have the smell of her pussy all over my fingers. You’re not even home!

We sneak in through an open window. The bedroom beyond is pink and girly, and as far as I know, you don’t have any kids. Jenny gets worried that this might not be the right house, so when a car pulls up, we hide in the closet. It turns out to be you, alright, but when the lights are finally on, we figure out exactly what goes on in this room! There are all sorts of dirty outfits–most covered in dried cum–and there’s a video camera on a tripod!

Turns out you make porn, and once I know your little secret, I demand that you and your friend help us make our very first porn movie! Jenny and I dress up; I get the princess outfit. Then we make out in front of the camera, putting on a dirty, lesbian show. Next, you give us a big, pink double-dildo, and we ride it together until our naughty, teen pussies are smearing and kissing one another. We finish the shoot out with some cock-sucking (while we’re on our big dildo). Jenny swallows her sticky load, but you cum all over my face. Then we swap your cum back and forth, until I finally spit my mouthful of sperm into her wide, well-fucked pussy hole. I sure hope she gets pregnant. Oops, I mean doesn’t!

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R156 – Your Wife Amy: Can I Cheat if I Let you Watch?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

[M/F, vaginal, romantic, cuckold, condom play, humiliation]

I’m your wife, and I’ve always been insatiable when it comes to sex. I want it more often than you do, but you’re such a wonderful guy; you let me cum in your mouth when you’re too tired to get it up. But lately, I’ve been craving more actual fucking, and I’m worried that one man isn’t going to be enough for me. I love you, I do! I just think that maybe I need to let other guys fuck me too.

I’m on top of you, riding your condom-covered cock as I tell you what I want. At first, you’re reluctant, but as I start to share my dirty thoughts, you swell inside of me. This secretly turns you on, doesn’t it? The thought of me with your buddies? Your cock gets harder and harder. I ride you, explaining that I might not even be able to have safe sex with them; they’re not as sweet and understanding as you are. They’re going to want to fuck me with their bare cocks, but that’s just a risk we’re going to have to take, right? The thought of me, begging your friends for their cream up inside of my fertile, young body brings you to an explosive orgasm. You cum inside of your condom, inside of me, and I give you sweet, loving kisses. So can I do it?

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Your Wife Amy: Can I Cheat if I Let you Watch?

You’re my husband, and I love you more than anything else in this world. Well, except for myself, of course. I like me just a tiny lit bit more, but you understand, don’t you? I mean, I am amazing and sexy and fun and flirty. I’m so hot in bed, and even after all this time, you still have fantasies about me; dirty, scary thoughts you mostly hide away in your head.

R155 – Jenny: The Popular Girls

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

[f+/f, m/f, oral, vaginal, anal, lesbian, finger fucking, bisexual female, 1st time vaginal, teen, creampie, impregnation, peer pressure, blackmail, humiliation, shaving, restrained]

Jenny is kind of a shy girl at school. Well, the boys like her, but she’s not that popular when it comes to the other girls. That’s all about to change! When Amy Didelle–the most popular girl in school–and her best friend Jezebel decide to befriend the loner, she finds that she’s suddenly part of the in-crowd!

That weekend, when Amy invites Jenny to spend the night, she pays the price for her new found popularity. Amy and Jezebel dress her up like a whore in black lingerie, fishnet stockings, and slutty red lipstick. Then they convince her to pose for the dirty pictures. It’s all supposed to be for fun, and they promised to erase them afterward!

But Amy and Jezebel lied to poor Jenny. Those pictures are blackmail! They want to turn Jenny into a little lesbian slut that they can fuck whenever and however they want. Well, lesbian isn’t quite accurate. While they do want make her lick lots and lots of teen pussy, they also plan to make her fuck plenty of boys, starting with hot and sexy Jacob. As Jezebel puts it, it’s really fun to watch Jenny get used. Before these girls are done with poor Jenny, she has a fertile pussy full of boy cream and they make her use her fingers and mouth to clean it up!

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Jenny: The Popular Girls

I’ve always been a little bit shy. I mean, guys are interested in me, of course. But guys are guys. They come onto to anything with boobs, and mine are bigger than average. But with the other girls, I don’t know. Like I said before, I’ve always been kind of shy and in the background, you know?

R154 – Jenny: My Accidental Creampie

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

[m/f, vaginal, fingering, teen, girlfriend, romantic, easy girls, impregnation, accidental creampie]

I’ve always been an easy girl, popular with the boys. My long blonde hair, big tits, and curvy hips and ass get me a lot of attention. When Justin, a boy at school, comes onto me, I’m happy to go back with him to his house. He’s a really nice guy, and we get really hot touching and kissing each other. But when it comes time to fuck, we don’t have a condom! I tell him he can put his naked cock inside of me, but he has to pull out before he cums. I’m very fertile, and I don’t want to end up as another pregnant, teen girl with a swollen belly.

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Jenny: My Accidental Creampie

When I first got my period, my mom said that I was sexually precocious, but I never understood what that meant. I was the first girl to get really big boobs at school, though, and the guys gave me so much attention because of them. I had a different boyfriend every week. They all wanted to touch and play with my tits. Maybe that’s what precocious means?

The other girls at school were jealous, of course. They called me things like slut and whore, but that’s only because the boys liked me more than them. From them on, I’ve almost always had more boyfriends than girlfriends. It was always so easy to hook up, and I became a sort of party girl. I mean, when I hang out with my friends, I’m always the first one to wander off to a bedroom with a guy.

I don’t know why, either. I mean, I don’t consider myself easy, or a slut. I just like guys, and I like the way they make me feel when I fool around with them. I like being touched and played with because it’s fun, you know? And I guess I kind of have a reputation because of it, too.