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R197 – Halloween 2013: Oh the Whore-or!

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

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[F+/M+, vaginal, oral, anal (on male, cheeky/fun but not graphic), vampire, medusa, tentacle, ghosts, cockslapping, castration, forced, horror]

It’s Halloween, and you’re on your way to a slutty sorority party the next town over. When you pass the ruins of a religious, all-girl’s college, your night takes a horrific turn for the worse. Two eager sluts, kissing and licking each other, are very happy to see you. We eagerly beg you to play with our sweet, tight bodies. But be careful, boy! There’s much more to us than pretty mouths, tight asses, and wet, little pussies. We’re the worst sort of monsters, formed from your hottest fantasies and your darkest nightmares. If you give in to us, you’ll never see the light of the next day.

Click here to get R197 – Halloween 2013: Oh the Whore-or! (17m22s) for Free (November 2013 only)!

R197 – Halloween 2013: Oh the Whore-or! (17m22s)

A town away, there’s a sorority from an all-girl’s college. These girls are famed for their mythical cock hunger. Every party they throw ends up slutty and sexy, and this Halloween promises to be extra dirty and hot. You and your frat brothers are driving down the highway, making the long trip to the most promising pussy party in state.

One of your geeky brothers has his state almanac open. He chuckles nervously, adjusting his hard cock in his pants. Up ahead and on the right, he tells you, is an old religious college that burned down decades ago. It was a prank that went wrong. Countless girls died on that Halloween night, so many years ago.

Another brother, a real pig when it comes to women, calls out loudly into the night. What a waste of good, fuckable college pussy he yells as the ruins of the old college come into view. Some of the buildings still stand, but much of the campus is in ruins. It’s all covered in a thick, roiling fog.

R195 – The Secret Girlfriend

Friday, October 25th, 2013

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[F/M, GFE, girlfriend experience, cheating, mistress, romantic, oral, creampie, tits, girl on top, cleaning up]

I’m your secret girlfriend. The one your wife doesn’t know about. After a long, hard day, you stop in to visit me. I can tell that you need to feel close to me. I feel the exact same way. I know my sweet, young pussy is fertile, but I just don’t want to use a condom tonight. I want you inside of me, naked and bare.

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R195 – The Secret Girlfriend

You’ve had a long day at work, and it’s late. You’re headed home, but you know that your wife doesn’t know how to love you the way that I do. You need me, and I want you just as badly. You send me a text, and the picture that I send back proves that I’m all dressed up and waiting for you.

As soon as you enter my apartment, we’re kissing. I have on a little blouse and a very short skirt. You strip me down to my panties as we make out, our tongues and mouths expressing lust and need. I can feel you, pressing out through your pants against me. You want me, but I need you even more.

I take you by the hand, my painted fingers slipping into yours, and sit you down on my sofa. Then I gently pull your legs apart and drop down to my knees in front of you. My eyes tell you everything you need to know: I love you and I want you. I’m going to please you so well tonight.

I unbutton your pants, and pull your cock out into my soft hands. My fingers slide up and down your shaft lovingly, before my hands encircle it. My painted red lips come closer to kiss the head of your cock. I love the smell of you, pressed up against my face. I make a dirty, happy sound as you push past my lips, spreading my mouth and leaking your hot, sweaty taste onto my tongue.

R192 – Nekos! Slutty Kitty-Girl Girlfriend Fucks All Your Friends!

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

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[M+/F, oral, vaginal, anal, slutty, kitty girl, neko, exhibitionism, bimbo, gangbang, begging for sex, creampie, eating cum]

I’m such a slutty kitty-girl girlfriend. I’m always rubbing against you, and begging for sex. I’m such a little whore kitty, that I let you do anything you want to me. Pet my head and touch my pussy. Squeeze my big, slutty tits, and then rub my tight, little asshole. Let me lick and suck your big hard cock! No matter what you want to do to me, I’m always hot and eager for sex.

But when your friends come over, I get even worse! Surrounded by so many cocks, I can’t help but beg for it. Most of the time you have to pull my naked body off your buddy’s lap. You tell me that I’m a bad, kitty slut and I just glare at you! But sometimes, when you’re really horny, and I’m ultra hot and sexy, you let me have my fun. Your friends fuck and use me in every way imaginable, and when they’re done, and my slutty kitty pussy is leaking cum…I lick myself clean!

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Buy R192 – Nekos! Slutty Kitty-Girl Girlfriend Fucks All Your Friends! (12m30s) for $12.00!

R189 – Alice: Dinner & Desert With Your Little Girl

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

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[M/f, oral, petting, fingering, swallowing cum, exhibitionism, sensual D/s, food play, starving, younger girls, roleplaying]

I’m your little girl, and we’re going out on a date tonight. I love going out on dates with you. I spend so much time getting ready, painting my nails, picking out the perfect dress. And then, when I’m all pretty for you, I just sit on my bed and play with a dolly while I wait for you. You’re so punctual! You arrive at 6:30 PM on the dot. After all, little girls shouldn’t be out too late, you tell me!

We flirt, and head out to your car. I haven’t eaten all day! I’m so hungry, but you like me that way. It makes me so little and vulnerable, and it makes dinner so much fun. You feed me a few pieces of candy in your car. Pretty, sweet and fruity. You play with my tits through my dress while I eat out of your hand. It’s so giggly and shy, but I have to give you some candy back too, don’t I?

We head out for sushi. The cute Japanese waitress thinks we’re very adorable. Sitting at a little table, we play and flirt with each other. You order us an appetizer, and some rolls. You get a spider roll, and I think it’s so creepy, the way things stick out of the end of it. Mine is a Screaming O roll. Did you know that the O stands for orgasm? *giggles* You feed me, and it’s so yummy! Then we get desert, and you totally spoil me. Adzuki bean ice cream and mochi! You’re so sweet to me!

After we’re done with dinner, we head back to my place for my extra-special treat. You slip your hand under my pretty dress, to touch and play with my hairless, pink pussy. I made sure it was extra soft for you! When we get back to my apartment, you settle into my couch. I make you a drink, and drop to my knees in front of you. It’s been so long. Can I please suck your cock? There’s just one last thing I want in my little tummy!

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R186 – Zoey: Young Girl Sucks Her Sugar Daddy

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

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[M/f, oral, masturbation, sucking cock, begging for sex, facial, teen girl]

Note: Recording in a new place, and there’s a tiny bit of echo in this recording.

I’m a cute, teen girl and I’m playing with myself in bed. My little fingers are in my panties, under the covers. I’m thinking about the boy at school, and how much they want to fuck me. But you’re my sugar daddy. You love and take care of me, and if I’m going to give it up to anyone, I want it to be you!

You watch from the doorway as I’m really naughty with myself. But when you come in, and sit at my desk, I can’t help but beg you for more. Please let me suck it, sugar daddy! I crawl over to you, slipping my hands around your big dick. Grab my pigtails and show me how to suck it! Show me how to be a good girl for you! Finally, you cum all over my face. Creamy, gooey and sticky! There’s so much of it, sugar daddy. Thank you for giving me your sweetness!

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Note: There’s no story for this one; I had an idea and just recorded, like I would with a live call!

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R185 – Anna: Lesbian Loves to Cheat & Get Creamed

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

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[M/F, F/F, oral, vaginal, anal, lesbian, cheating, lesbian cuckold, creampie, begging, cum play, risky sex, unprotected sex, impregnation]

I’ve been with my girlfriend for four years now, and I love her so much. But secretly, I still need men. There’s just something about a cock, squirting thick goo, that gets me off. Okay, I’m lying. It’s not “something.” It’s very specific; it’s the thought of thick, gooey cum deep inside of my pussy.

I’ve cheated a number of times now. At first, it was with protection, but once I got my first creampie (in my butt), I demanded that guys fuck me bare. The feeling of thick, boy cream, dripping out of my body, gets me off so hard.

But I’m like with a girl, so it’s not like I’m on birth control or anything. I don’t want to have a baby, but the thought that it could happen…makes the sex even edgier! I make the guys promise to pull out of before they cum; but secret, I squeeze and suck them with my pussy, trying to get them to blow their loads up inside of me. And even when they do squirt their cum all over my ass and the outside of my pussy…sometimes I like to rub their cum into my unprotected, little hole while I touch my clit. It’s just too hot!

But when my period comes late one month, I have to tell my girlfriend what I’ve been up to. I wonder how that’s going to go!

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Anna: Lesbian Loves to Cheat & Get Creamed!

I’ve been with my girlfriend for…almost four years now. We met just before my eighteenth birthday. I love her, and I really like what we do together, but…I haven’t always been faithful. Even though I do like other girls, I have this…secret need, to still be with men. There’s just something about…a cock, I guess…that I just can’t do without.

R181 – Lily: Phone Sex & Motel Rooms

Monday, June 4th, 2012

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[M/f, oral, anal, vaginal, fingering, casual sex, teen, real stories]

Note: This recording is very close to my natural voice & manner of speaking. This is what you can expect from a live call with me (unless we’re playing out a certain kind of fantasy).

I’ve always been a bit slutty and easy. From the moment I figured out what sex was all about–what  guys really wanted from me–I’ve been very sexual. I’m totally an attention whore; and more than a bit narcissistic. I adore male attention, and I love getting physical with a guy; especially a new guy, the first time…

I used to fuck guys I met at school, or at work–serving coffee–but that got awkward fast. When I discovered live, local phone chat lines, they became my hunting grounds. Horny, older pervs and unfaithful, married med; I’d chat and tease these guys for hours. Most of the time I’d sit and quietly play myself, while talking; but I usually didn’t let them know. And when they tried to get me to put out on the phone, I’d just play dumb or act shy…a total cocktease on the phone.

I mean, it was easier, back then, to get me to fuck in real life. I’d agree to meet my favorite guys at motels. The nicer ones, I’d tease and toy with; the longer I could keep a guy from cumming, the more I could enjoy his cock. I love to get on top of these kinds of guys, riding and using their dicks until I get off.

But every so often, I’d run into a confident, pervy guy; the kind of man who knows exactly what sort of girl I am. On my knees, sucking cock as he uses my mouth hard. Swallowing his cream, or getting it all over my slut face. And when I fuck these sorts of guys, I prefer to be on my hands and knees. I feel so used, with my pussy and ass pushed out and up into the air. And the best, is dirty, degrading verbal humiliation. It gets me off so fast, and then I just have to give my body up, so that he can use and fuck me like I’m some slutty object that’s only good for sex.

R178 – Djini Dreams: Djini Desires Master’s Cock

Monday, May 28th, 2012

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[M/F+, vaginal sex, anal sex, fingering, double penetration, creampie, magic, threesome, reluctant, futanari, bimbo]

You uncork Djini’s bottle, and she appears before you. Your cock is very hard, and you still haven’t fucked your pretty genie. Pulling her onto your lap, you finger fuck the bubbly blonde. But as she bounces on your lap, you realize something is missing. Djini’s pert and modest tits just aren’t doing it for you. Secretly, you want Julie Jezebel to bounce on your lap!

“Your wish is my command, Master!” With a blink, Djini summons the big-tittied, soft porn model. She’s bewildered and reluctant at first, but another blink from Djini turns her into an eager slut that begs to be fucked. Julie eagerly pulls her black, lacy panties to the side, and slips your horny cock into her folds. Then she bounces up and down on your dick, her huge tits jiggling obscenely as she fucks herself hard on your cock.

“Master, Djini wants your cock too! It looks like it feels so good. Please give Djini this thing?” You don’t really want to give up Julie’s tight cunt, but you really should give Djini a turn on your cock too. Nodding, Djini thanks you happily. A blink later, your tiny blonde genie has a big cock poking out between her pussy lips. It’s not just any cock either; Djini is stroking an exact copy of your big dick.

Julie giggles, stroking Djini off to her first orgasm. The little blonde is amazed at the feeling. “Thank you Master, for giving me your cock!” When Djini begs to fuck your internet slut, you direct her to Julie’s unused anal opening. You and Djini DP slutty Julie, until you’re both shooting big, creamy loads into her slutty body!

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Djini Dreams: Djini Desires Master’s Cock

R177 – Zoey: While Your Wife and Daughter are Away…

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

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[M/f, hand job, teen, teasy]

Your wife and daughter are away on a road trip. It’s Aly’s birthday, and they’re supposed to get home late tonight. I come over early to surprise her. We’re going to have a really fun sleep over, with movies and junk food and candy. But for now, it’s just you and me, and your hard cock is struggling to get at me!

I’m so cute and adorable. Pretty, sweet and tight in every way. You shouldn’t even be thinking of me like that. I’m your daughter’s best friend! But you can’t help the fact that I look so yummy and fuckable. We order pizza, but the greasy, cheesy food does little to satisfy your hunger for me.

When you go to grab us drinks, you decide to be “the cool guy.” Grabbing a beer for yourself, and one of your wife’s wine coolers for me, you return to the table. My eyes go wide when I realize you’re going to let me drink. You make me swear not to tell anyone, and after that, we start to bond. I open right up to you!

That’s when you decide to take me down to your game room. Your wife never lets us girls come down here, and with good reason. There are dirty posters on the walls, a pool table in the center of the room, and boxes and boxes of porn scattered all around. This is where you come to jack off. I dive right into your magazine collection, and it gets hotter and hotter from there. As I look at dirty pictures of older girls getting fucked and violated, I stroke your cock and beg you to cream all over my panties. As you shoot your thick, sticky load all over my little panties, I cum hard on my fingers, pressed tight against you!

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Zoey: While Your Wife and Daughter are Away…

R176 – Djini Dreams: Master Desires Big Internet Slut Boobs

Friday, May 25th, 2012

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[M/F+, titty sex, reluctant, magic, bimbos]

Ever since you found the pretty, pink bottle, you’ve been hesitant to let Djini out of her bottle. She’s pretty and fun to play with, but when it comes to fulfilling your wishes, Djini tends to get things wrong. But tonight, as you stroke your cock to soft core pictures of Julie Jezebel, you know you’re going to let the genie out of her bottle. This internet model is a total cock tease; she flaunts and teases with her huge, 32G tits, but she never goes all the way on film.

Uncorking Djni’s bottle, she appears on her knees before you. She reads your mind, and immediately knows that the thought of big, huge tits is making your dick hard. She pulls her boobs out, so you can touch and play with them. But cute, adorable Djini just isn’t *that* big; she catches your thoughts, and asks you whose tits you’d like to see. When a picture of Julie Jezebel, bouncing up and down, appears in your mind, Djini fulfills your secret wish.

Pop! Julie Jezebel was in the middle of a photo shoot in Rome, when suddenly, she’s transported to your bedroom. Dressed like a teasy whore, Djini forces Julie to behave. “Master is only interested in your tits, Julie. Show them to him!” Julie Jezebel is transformed into a stupid, big-titted bimbo whose only desire in life is to have her massive boobs creamed by your cock. Julie begs and pleads for you to fuck her chest as Djini helps to rub her heavy tits up and down your shaft.

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Djini Dreams: Master Desires Big Internet Slut Boobs!